Although Matthew’s Secret was written to inspire 5th-8th grade readers, our feedback from reviewers has been wonderfully powerful and exciting! Here are a few adult reviews:
“Many years ago, I visited the National Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon with the author of Matthew’s Secret. The exhibits were evocative of the hardships and courage of the pioneers who made the arduous 2,200-mile trip in covered wagons. But the book goes far beyond, skillfully taking the reader from Missouri to Oregon with vivid descriptions of life on the trail. While written for children, adults will find it equally fascinating. May I suggest that you purchase a copy and read it aloud to your children and grandchildren?”
Bart Norton
Seattle, Washington
“I finished the first chapter and cried two times! Matthew’s Secret is engaging and heart provoking. I love the way you capture the realistic back-and-forth conversations between siblings and adults. You adeptly hint at adventures to come. The details of setting the scene are appealing to young and old alike. Overall and most importantly, this book is a wonderful and captivating read full of timeless, Biblical values meant particularly for today's children who are living in an increasingly troubling culture.”
Rob Richards
Southern Shores, North Carolina
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