A.G. Cline Bio

A teacher and education professor for over 40 years, author A.G. Cline continues her goal to inspire and equip young people to boldly and honorably face life’s challenges in our often-confusing world.  She is the recipient of numerous state and national excellence in teaching awards including Washington State Science Teacher of the Year and Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow in Washington, D.C. Her work as teacher trainer and mentor for the University of Washington Education Department and as presenter at  dual language conferences and writing workshops have brought her much esteem by fellow teachers and state boards of education across the country.
During her years of teaching U.S. History, A.G. Cline was concerned with the abundance of misinformation in books and illustrations regarding the Oregon Trail. Long Conestoga covered wagons, for example, cannot by physically pulled by a team of horses (unless they are headed down hill, and then, WATCH OUT!). After receiving a grant to research and publish an accurate account of this important era of our nation’s history, A.G. Cline traveled all 2,200 miles of the Oregon Trail to conduct substantive research for this must-read book, Matthew’s Secret.
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