You are to be thanked and commended for joining author A.G. Cline in providing free Matthew’s Secret books and materials to children at school visits and other community reading events. Our world is a better place because YOU are in it! Thank you for your generosity!
Mail your check payable to A.G. Cline to:
A.G. Cline – Matthew’s Secret
61 Trillium Trail
Underwood, WA. 98651
Please include your name, email address, and a message about you and your hopes. Perhaps you’d like me to bring the free books to a special event in your community. I would love to make that happen if I am able! I decided to not use PayPal or other money collection services because they take a percentage of your hard-earned donation. I hope you will entrust me with your money. If you’re uncomfortable sending money directly to me, I understand. Perhaps you would prefer to order Matthew’s Secret books to donate to your favorite school library or teacher.

Help inspire goodness in this world.

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